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Hi. Welcome and thank you for taking the time to find out more about HanzG. 

Who or what is 'HanzG'?
I needed a name that i can use to represent my work. Needless to say, using my full name would be too long. Hence the brand/label - HanzG.

What about the Logo?

Even then, 'HanzG' itself has already been widely used to represent other people. Google it and the results show. Therefore, a logo will nail this problem - a logo that has never existed before. 

Using only the 1st letters from each of my name, i have joined them together to create the logo as shown above. Since 'HanzG' is my chosen brand/label, it would make more sense to make the 'H' stand out and put it right in the centre as it is also my middle name. As for the swirly design, i was just playing around with Paint.Net's effects, trying out each and every one of them. And then this appeared and i somehow took a liking to it. there you have it - the logo. 

Just for your information, i am not always identified as 'HanzG'. Sometimes, its 'JustHanzG'. Reason for this is due to the limitation of how short a name can be and also because, the name 'hanzg' has already been taken. But if you see the logo, then its most definitely me.

So what do you do?

Before i answer that question, a little back-story first.

During my polytechnic days, i would occasionally [or rather frequently] think about Life. You know, the BIG PICTURE - we all know it. There were times that i would soul-search to understand myself better. Be it what i like, what i want to do, what is my purpose aside from my purpose as a human being, what am i capable of, how can i contribute, etc. On one of those days, i learnt that i have a passion to share, to serve, to help others and to make the world a better place. This was already clearly apparent to me back then as i was involved with a few charitable activities and lots of help-out - whether its family, relatives or friends, at home or at school.

It was from there that i began planning my future, my career, my work life and my goals. Over the years, many ideas came to mind - big and small ones, great and ridiculous ones as well. Some of which are extremely common like photography, games, writing (typing) articles, making music, sharing about one's life experiences and learning, taking pictures of food and drinks, going to places of interests and travelling, capturing happenings and events, etc. I am sure i will be able to share some (if not all) interesting perspectives and unique experiences from all of that.

Is that all?
Haha...nope. More than just all of that, there are bigger things that i would like to do. Such as knowing great people in this world, who aren't as famous as idols, singers or actors/actresses. But what they have done are truly so great that they are the ones that should be greatly honored for their contributions to this world and to life. It would be nice if i have a list of them, which can be easily achieved with a blog.

One of the many fascinations that i have is the relation between science and religion, and the similarities between religions. I am not able to say much right now but what i already know so far, even if its only a beyond awesome.

Another would be to truly know the reality of the homeless, the weak and the poor...getting to know our home, our country, our world know the state and situation of the human population and perhaps documenting all of that.

Last but not least, some words of wisdom every now and then. Those who know me knows what i am talking about :)

And if that isn't enough, you may get yourself some really cool free stuff. So stick around!

Just to address a few future concerns before i forget: for the time being, i will not accept requests of any kind for work or service as i will be extremely busy with my own plans. And i will not accept any Facebook friend invitation as my personal Facebook account is solely only for family and friends. It's just easier to manage between those whom i know personally and those that i don't. My apologies...   

And so it begins...

Yes!! It brings me great joy to announce - The Start of HanzG

Thank you for reading =D

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