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Gems Wallpaper

Just managed to find some extra time to squeeze in a little something for everyone despite my extremely busy schedule. I have created 8 different colors for the background design that you see above. Currently, i'm using the orange one. Here are some examples:




SMARTPHONE (Lockscreen)

There isn't a desktop wallpaper for it. Because, after some trial-and-error, the design wasn't icon-friendly enough. Meaning to say, you will have a difficult time trying to look for your shortcuts on your desktop screen if you are to use this background as your desktop wallpaper. 

Download Gems Wallpaper
Alright! So here are the files - Gems Wallpaper. I have also included the rainbow one for those of you who want it. But you won't be able to get all the colors to show up. Some editing on your own will be required.

I have already tried downloading it straight into my smartphone from the phone itself. So you folks can skip the hassle of downloading it onto your computer/laptop and then transferring it to your smartphone. There shouldn't be any problems at all. I can't say the same for a Windows or Apple smartphone though. 

If you are not happy with the colors because its a little too contrasting or you want another color, read below to know how to change it:

Guide to Changing Colors
STEP 1 - Download Paint.Net

STEP 2 - Open the picture with Paint.Net

STEP 3 - Refer to picture below
STEP 4 (Last Step) - Refer to picture below
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From post to post, you may see a link asking to 'Tip HanzG'. I will only put the link if you are getting something for free. Otherwise, you won't see it at all. You don't have to but if you wish to show your support for the work i have done, you can tip any amount that you want. You do require an account to do so though.

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Thank you for your support =D

Oh...and one more thing:
The mobile version of this blog has already been updated =)

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